What happens when you’re a twenty-something year old girl in college with no boyfriend, no job, lots of best friends, and a killer major and minor? YOU HAVE FUN. Well, when your killer major is taking a break from ruining your sleep schedule, shunning your social life, and occasionally dimming your hopes for the future.

I’ve always wanted to have a blog–I keep a journal, but sometimes I want to rant, or whatever, to someone who isn’t a book of blank pages. Soooo here it is. Adventures of Curly Sue 92, forever on the internet.

More random things about me:

  • My killer major is Architecture and my minor is Psychology
  • My hair is curly (hence the name) and my favorite thing about myself
  • I’m sarcastic in such a way that can make you either laugh uncontrollably or cry… hopefully not uncontrollably unless I dislike you that much
  • I’m happiest when I’m curled up in my bed, reading a book, with a glass of milk chilling on the bedside table

Anywho, I think that’s enough about me. Besides, you’ll find out everything you need to know by reading the blog! Hope you like it.

Much Love,


Note: All the names on here are fake except for mine

Edit 11/12/13

I’ve had a job since February, I just forgot to tell you guys

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